Bel-Halo Light

LED Dental Light


O Cool White LED illumination
O Constant 5000°K daylight at any intensity
O Step-less 370 to 2970FTC intensity
O 510FTC No-Set Composite mode
O Aseptic touch-less switching
O Fluid 3-axis light head positioning

2 years warranty

Correct Colour Rendering Easy Operation

Not all LEDs are the same
Bel-Halo LED lights provide cool white illumination of the oral cavity for correct tooth shade matching and for the differentiation of soft tissue structure.Table.

Ideal colour rendering
Each LED bulb is tested for the ability to render colours closely to their appearance in natural daylight. Only bulbs that have very high colour rendering properties are selected for each Bel-Halo LED array.

Composite safe mode
Premature curing of composites is easily avoided by temporarily cutting undesired light wavelengths. Bel-Halo lights utilize a touchless switch for Composite Safe Mode activation.

Easy On The Eyes


Brightness distribution
Bel-Halo is engineered to minimize eye fatigue. The rectangular light pattern is brightest inside of the oral cavity and gradually becomes less bright across the patient’s cheek area.


Intensity adjustment
Each operatory has different ambient light conditions. With this in mind, Bel-Halo lights include a stepless intensity control to adjust brightness to fit the actual operatory light condition. Light output can be adjusted between 370FTC and 2970FTC, while maintaining the 5000°K colour temperature that is ideal for shade matching.

Easy Operation


Fluid positioning
Smooth, three-axis light head rotation permits stress-free light head positioning with one hand. Positioning flexibility
directs illumination to area where it is needed


Touchless activation
Bel-Halo operation is sensor activated, so it is not necessary to look away from patient to operate light. Touchless ON/OFF and Composite Safe Mode activation are done without ever touching the light.


Shadlowless illumination
The well–defined, 3-1/8” x 5-7/8” (80 mm x 150 mm) rectangular light pattern remains unaffected when an obstruction of up to 50% of light head is placed between the light and patient.

Operatory Efficiency

Long Life
With LED bulb life expectancy of 40,000 hours, it is likely that bulb replacement will never be needed.

Low power consumption and no heat generation add to long term savings and to patient comfort.

Clear bulb cover ring prevent mists and dust from getting inside of the light head. The entire light head is easily cleaned.