Quolis delivery

Quolis™ 5000
Delivery System

Position Everything Just Where You Need It

Quolis™ delivery systems are high-tech and are easy to operate. Chair positioning membrane switches and controls for electric options are fully integrated into the delivery head. Delivery systems are available in a variety of popular configurations.


2 years warranty

The Table Top and Positioning
Large tabletop working surface keeps your instruments and materials within your operating zone. Tabletops may be rotated 190° right to left. Push-button switches are conveniently located on each positioning handle to lock/unlock the balance arm position.

Centralized Control
A membrane control panel and digital display are located in a highly visible position on the front of the Doctor’s Table. With the touch of a finger you can adjust the seat position, micromotors and many other functions.

Digital Display
Digital display provides clear and accurate readout of many functions, including micromotor rotation speed, so you can precisely control treatment. Adjustment of speed and torque of micromotor. One-touch selection of up to four personalized doctor pre-set groups.

All seat positioning controls are located within easy reach on the Assistant’s Instrument Swing Arm.

seat rotation

Delivery systems are supplied with 3 active holders and 1 inactive holder for the syringe. One additional active holder can be added for an air turbine, air motor, micromotor or scaler, and one additional inactive holder can be added for an additional syringe or a curing light.


Adjustable Instrument Holder Angle
Each holder can be rotated individually, so instruments can be easily reached and replaced.


Adjustable Height
Assistants can adjust holder height to position instruments where they can be most easily accessed.


Water Supply System
Bottled water systems supply handpiece and syringe water for all Quolis™ 5000 delivery systems. The bottle quick connect/disconnect feature permits bottles to be changed quickly and easily. (Kits for connection with city water supply are optional)


Cuspidor Section
Three lock-free rotation axes give you the flexibiliy to position the cuspidor where you want it. The assistant instrument arm is height adjustable and has multiple rotation points, so the instrument holder can be conveniently placed. Cuspidor is also available without assistant instrument arm.


Porcelain Cuspidor
The molded porcelain cuspidor bowl has push button switches for cupfi ll and bowl flush that can be conveniently accessed by assistant and patient. Cupfi ll and bowl flush can also be operated remotely by the doctor from the delivery head. Cupfi ll and bowl flush water volume are controlled by programmable timer.


Air Q.D. and Water Q.D.
Those instrments with adjustable outlet flow control are standard features. Vacuum drain valve switch and master on/off switch for stand alone cuspidor without delivery head are optional.