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Quolis™ chair

Enhance your patient’s sense of ease

Experience the result of 85+ years of design expertise and craftsmanship. Quolis™ chairs are comfortable from the moment your patient is seated. The chair utilizes a soft movement technology along with synchronization of the backrest and seat motion. Patients will not need to slide back in the seat, they are supported comfortably during gentle placement into the reclined position.
5 years warranty chair base; 1 year warranty upholstery

The thin comfortable backrest improves your access to the patients.

Seat Height
The patient can be positioned from 15-3/4” to 32” seat height to accommodate your best working posture.

Integrated Armrest Touchpads
Easily accessible Touchpads with built-in safety locks on both side armrest castings allow adjusting chair positions, Pre-set seat positions, Auto Return and to unlock/lock seat rotation.

The double-articulating headrest easily positions the patient’s head for excellent access to upper and lower arches.

seat rotation

Seat Rotation
Unlock and rotate the seat and with fingertip ease 30° left or right.


Armrests rotate outward 130° from the forward position to provide unhindered patient entry and exit.


Aesthetically Pleasing and Durable
Sleek yet inviting appearance. Internal umbilical routing for a clean uncluttered operatory. Cast aluminium chair and J-box bases provide maximum ruggedness and durability.

Model QSS


Seamless with Sling

Model QSW


Seamless with Wing Back

Model QPS


Plush with Sling

Model QPW


Plush with Wing Back



Q5000FCT Foot Control
Aseptic hands free operation of all movement plus the 4 preset programs


Matching Junction Box with sturdy aluminium base is a part of Quolis™ Delivery System or may be purchased separately.