Belmont, the sign of Reliable, Durable, Top-Quality Dental Equipment


Takara Belmont, the Worldwide Leader in Dental Equipment Manufacturing was founded in Japan in 1921. We at Belmont take tremendous pride in our rich and long history as an innovator and leader in the Dental market, which makes us strong, reliable, and here to stay.

"Treating the customer with care" has been our philosophy since the company was established. Belmont continues to implement this philosophy by manufacturing products that are of the highest quality and finest craftsmanship at a reasonable cost to our customers, and by offering world-class product support. This has shown to be true with repeat loyal customers over several generations.

We have been providing Dental Equipment to our customers for forty-five years. As time has evolved and customer needs have changed, we have invested in research and development to present the best new solutions for this ever-advancing marketplace.

Hidetaka Yoshikawa
Chairman & CEO
Takara Belmont Group

Takara Belmont Headquarters


Adopting advanced manufacturing facilities and efficient production systems to achieve best in class quality control and assembly excellence

Aiming to build production systems that meet the needs of our times, we strive to adopt efficient equipment and the latest systems. For example, we adopted a cell production system to enable high-mix low-volume production and a computer system to support the cell production system in a new building facility completed in 2003 at the Osaka factory. We established a highly rational system that eliminates overburdening (Muri), non-consistency (Mura), and waste (Muda) by adopting an automated picking system that manages components and a POP system that gives production instructions, reports performance and manages progress in real time. As the acquisition of ISO 9000 certification in 1997 demonstrates, we are fully committed to the production of high quality products.

For ongoing efforts to enhance quality and efficiency, we consolidate production system

When TAKARA BELMONT started in 1921, it was a casting production factory. For over 80 years, the company expanded the scope of production to include barber, beauty, and medical care with the corporate objective of providing high quality products and services with customers in a whole hearted manner and thereby contribute to realize their wish to become more beautiful and healthier. In the future, we will continue our ongoing efforts to actively introduce advanced manufacturing facilities and efficient production systems in response to the changes in the times, produce high quality, innovative products, and enhance the reliability and safety of our products.